Summer Session Fees

General Cost Information

BC Residents – Course Fees

  • Elementary and Middle Years Summer Learning – FREE
  • Secondary – Academic Remedial – FREE
  • Secondary – Full Credit -Tuition is FREE
  • Graduated Adults taking Secondary courses – most courses are tuition free except a few offered at Summer Session which are $375 / course (see information below)

Non-BC residents and International Students – Course Fees

  • Elementary and Middle Years Summer Learning – $450 / per course
  • Secondary – Academic Remedial – $450 / per course
  • Secondary – Full Credit – $900 / course
  • Non-Credit ELL (ESL) Courses – $450 / course

Information Regarding Student Categories

  • Graduated Adults – If you are a high school graduate (from any jurisdiction) and you were born before July 1, 2000 you are considered by the BC Ministry of Education to be a Graduated Adult student. However, many courses are still tuition free and fully funded by the BC Ministry of Education as of August 2017, including many that are part of Summer Session. For the complete list, please go to:
    • For the few courses offered at Summer Session but not on the Tuition Free list (above) the cost per course for Graduated Adults is $375.
  • Graduated, School Aged Student – graduated students who are BC residents and born on or after July 1, 2000 are considered to be ‘school aged students’ by the BC Ministry of Education and are eligible to take courses tuition free as part of Summer Session 2019.
  • Non-Graduated Adults – any student who is a BC resident and has not graduated from high school (regardless of age) is eligible for tuition free courses.