About LearnNowBC

If you are a valid BC student and want to get tutoring support, you have lots of choices – and they are free! Grade 10-12 students have the following help for their courses:

Live Tutor – One-on-one 20 minute sessions.
Available Sun-Thurs, 6pm-10pm (except holidays).

StudyBUZZ – Test yourself, check your results and see what you need to work on.
Available 24/7

Charged Up for Math and Science – are ‘Streamed Video’ lessons. The lessons cover all content areas for each subject and provide students with examples and explanations of typical questions asked on assignments.
Available 24/7

To access the LearnNow BC Tutoring Service, students will need a user name and password. You can create these by clicking on “Sign up as a Student” and filling out the form. This form is used to validate that you are a student in BC, and it will ask you to provide some personal information such as your ‘legal’ first and last names, address, birth date and Personal Education Number (PEN), your PEN is found under your name on your report card.