What is Strong Start?

A Langley School District drop-in program for parents/caregivers to bring their children ages 0 – 5 years for play sessions, story times and singing times. The children learn social skills and gradually develop motor skills, early literacy and number skills helping to prepare for kindergarten.

When and Where is StrongStart?

StrongStart Centres are open most days that school is open (at the schools listed below). At most StrongStart Centres facilitators post a calendar indicating when the Centre is open or closed. You can also call the school before you come. The daily schedule includes snack time, playtime, story time, etc.

Langley School District has nine StrongStart Centres, Douglas Park, James Hill, Langley Meadows, Nicomekl, North Otter, Parkside, Simonds, West Langley and Willoughby.

Why should my child participate?

One quarter of BC’s children do not have all the skills they need to successfully transition into Kindergarten. Programs such as StrongStart enable parents to help their children to develop the emotional control, social competence, large and fine motor skills, number awareness, oral and self- expressive literacy skills to have a successfully start when formal schooling begins, in Kindergarten.


  1. Call the school to confirm that the program in ongoing.
  2. With your child’s birth certificate, bring (or send) the child with their daily caregiver, and have the adult fill out the registration form completely, with proper names, birthdates, emergency contact numbers, etc.
  3. Now your child is ready to participate and will benefit very much from regularly attending StrongStart!

StrongStart Centres are happy, welcoming places for children and families/caregivers to learn.
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