Dual Credit University Transition Program

The Langley School District Career Education Department in partnership with Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langley Campus, offer Langley students an opportunity to take university credit courses while still in school.  These courses are taken outside the regular student timetable.


Information Night

Program FAQ Sheet

  • 1) Who can participate in Kwantlen XCEL?

    Participants must:

    • plan to participate in the program when in grade 12
    • have a superior academic record (B standing in grade 11 English, Social Studies and either Math 11 or Science 11)
    • must have sufficient course credits to graduate without including credits from Kwantlen XCEL course work
    • have demonstrated motivation and engagement in the learning environment
    • be eligible for admissions to Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    • be ungraduated
    • be school aged
    • be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • 2) What are the benefits of participating?

    • Students get a head start on university
    • Students may take one course in either September or January during their grade 12 year
    • Courses offered contribute to a university degree or diploma and are transferrable to other post-secondary institutions
    • Tuition for Kwantlen XCEL university course work is covered by the District, a financial savings of approximately $500
    • Kwantlen XCEL students are supported to navigate their first experience at university
    • Kwantlen XCEL students will have additional support to continue at Kwantlen after graduation
    • Kwantlen XCEL students are eligible to apply for Kwantlen Polytechnic’s entrance scholarship after graduation
  • 3) What are some impacts to be considered?

    • University course marks will appear on both the student’s university transcript and high school transcript. This will have impact on the student’s high school GPA.
    • Consider this in light of competition for scholarship and university admission offers.
    • The Kwantlen XCEL student’s university transcript will become part of the student’s post-secondary educational record for all time.
  • 4) What have previous XCEL students told us about being successful at post-secondary?

    To be successful students must be:

    • highly motivated to start university course work while still in high school
    • highly focused on academics
    • good at time management, reading with understanding, note taking, writing and studying
    • hardworking
    • willing to prioritize high school and university course work above all other activities (work, sports, fine arts programs, extracurricular activities, social activities)
    • able to manage the additional pressure of university course work on top of high school course work
    • sufficiently confident and open minded to participate in an adult learning environment
  • 5) Who pays for what?

    • Students will pay the cost of their textbooks (approximately $125.00 per course)
    • Langley District will pay the cost of student fees and tuition (approximately $500.00 per course)
    • Kwantlen Polytechnic University will waive the registration fee ($40.00)
  • 6) What courses are offered?

    KPU offers a range of courses.  Some examples from past years included: criminology, marketing, psychology, political science, business management, cretative writing, and sociology. All courses offered will contribute to a first year completion of a university degree or diploma program and will be transferable to other post-secondary institutions.

    Course options will vary each semester, and change year-to-year.

  • 7) When are Kwantlen XCEL courses scheduled?

    High school students attend Kwantlen courses once per week, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, at the Langley Kwantlen campus. First semester courses are scheduled from September to December and second semester courses are scheduled from January to April. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the campus.