What is the Cultural Program?

In order to promote an awareness and understanding of Aboriginal Cultures, the Aboriginal Program is pleased to offer a number of classroom presentations. The presentations have been assigned to specific grade levels where there is a connection to the prescribed curriculum. This is intended to avoid repetition for students from year to year. For more information, please call Laurie at 604-888-4819, Local 230. There is no cost involved for the school. There are over 1400 presentations scheduled through the Aboriginal Program between October and May each year.

Here are the different presentations that we offer in our district:

KBead & Leather BraceletsAuntie Helen (Elder)
1Dancing DollsKrystal Delong
1BannockKaren Gabriel
1Seasonal Activities in Inuit CommunitiesLynn Heyes
2Living in a Sto:lo CommunityKaren Gabriel
2BannockKaren Gabriel
2Animal Tracks, Scats & SkullsKaren Gabriel
3Beaded Key ChainsAuntie Helen (Elder)
3Plants in Our environmentKaren Gabriel
4Inuit CultureLynn Heyes
4Carving a Soapstone Kulik (Oil Lamp)Lynn Heyes
4Sto:lo Tools & Implements of YesterdayKaren Gabriel
4Sto:lo Tools & Implements Part IIKaren Gabriel
4"So It's Edible" Plant WalkKaren Gabriel
4Button BlanketsKrystal Delong
5Metis Culture & The Fur TradePhilip Gladue (Elder)
5Metis Culture - CanoePhilip Gladue (Elder)
5Metis Culture - Miniature TipiPhilip Gladue (Elder)
6"My Name is Seepeetza"Mercy Thomas (Elder)
6"My Name is Seepeetza"Josette Dandurand (Elder)
SecondaryThe Legacy of Residential Schools - Our Shared HistoryMercy Thomas (Elder)
Secondarythe Legacy of Residential Schools - Our Shared HistoryJosette Dandurand (Elder)