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The Media Centre uses the Destiny Media Manager booking system. Users may sign in from their schools, home, or anywhere they can access the Internet.

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Tel: 604-530-5151
FAX: 604-530-0520
E-mail: av@sd35.bc.ca

Changes to the Media Centre – 2015/2016

The Media Centre has moved and with the move there will be some changes. All of the resources are still be available, but must be ordered online. The Media Centre will not have set hours, therefore, there will no longer be drop ins or personal pick ups/drop offs. School delivery/pick up will be limited to once a week other than Pro-D weeks, when Media Centre services will not be available.

The die-cut and button maker machines will still be available for use at Simonds U-Connect in room 10 from 3 – 6pm on weekdays. Please call the office at 604-530-2361 by 3:30pm on the days you plan to visit so that the necessary arrangements can be made.  Paper will not be available for purchase; please be sure to bring your own paper.