Career Education Letter

Dear Students and Parents,

The Langley School District’s Career Education Department organizes and implements many career exploration opportunities for Langley senior high school students. The impact of these opportunities on our students can be tremendous. Many students make the connection between the work they do in school and their future world of work. Some students conclude the benefit of hard work and focus in school to meet their post-secondary school goals. Others return to school with new or renewed enthusiasm for their own learning as a result of insight gained through their exploration.

Career Exploration Tours and Workshops

One type of opportunity available to our students is one-day career exploration tours. These tours fall into a number of occupation areas (see calendar for tour titles and dates).

The format of these days vary but generally speaking the students travel by bus to a number of locations throughout the lower mainland to meet practicing professionals in the career focus of the day. They usually go to a post-secondary school to meet staff and students to find out specific details about program admissions and content.

Another type of career exploration opportunity that might interest your students is our workshops (see calendar for workshop titles and dates). These days have a heavy ‘hands-on’ component as well as an opportunity to speak with professionals and/or post-secondary staff.

Work Experience

We also coordinate a number of work experience opportunities through our department. Students may apply to participate in work experience placements at Langley Memorial Hospital, The Township Fire Department and Langley Environmental Partners.

Post Secondary Exploration Programs

Finally we coordinate many post secondary exploration programs. Some are reoccurring like our Biotechnology Career Exploration Program and Broadcast Media Program and others are available for one year only.

If any of these activities interest you or your students please direct them to the counselling centre in your high school for more information.