IT Mission Statement

The Langley School District will cultivate an environment in which the use of Information Technology will expand the learning opportunities of its students, support them in achieving the values outlined in the Graduate Profile, and towards the same end, enhance the productivity and creativity of its employees.

Services Offered

The Information Systems and Technology department operates from the School District offices and serves the district in areas of:

  • Technology Planning and Management
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Technical Support and Repairs
  • Hardware, Software and LAN/WAN Design, Acquisition and Implementation
  • Setting standards and specifications for the same
  • Systems Analysis, Design and Software Development
  • Systems Administration and Management
  • Email and Internet related services
  • Consultation & Training

Repair Services

Our Repair Workshop is located at the Maintenance facilities. Please send or drop off your broken equipment to Duane Lanctot or Chun Leung at the Central Stores entrance.

Please attach the WR sheet printed from iWorx. Remove all passwords before sending equipment to the shop.

Apple does not support some older equipment still prevalent at schools but please send it to us for repair anyway. If spares are available we will fix it otherwise we will advise you. You may check this list of unrepairable/unsupported Apple equipment on Apple’s website or by following the provided link.

Vintage and Obsolete Apple Products


Donated equipment meeting our standards will be supported but all costs including parts and labour will be charged back to the school. Labour will be charged at $30.00 per hour.

PLNet HelpDesk

The Provincial Learning Network (PLNet) is the service provider for Internet Access for all schools and district offices.

If you feel your internet connection is not working, first please report the problem to your school technology contact person. If you are the school technology contact person, try resetting the router i.e. the little black/grey box that says “Cisco” on it. If the problem still exists then call your designated technician. We will troubleshoot the problem and if unable to fix it ourselves we will call PLN on your behalf and report the problem. They will issue us a Ticket Number and we will let you know what it is. After that you may call their helpdesk to follow up on your ticket number. When calling the helpdesk please mention to them your ticket number.

Call the Helpdesk 7 days/24 hours at 1-888-769-5678. Just state your school name and name. If you have a ticket number then mention it too.