Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad (YELL) Preparing for Liftoff in Langley

September 13, 2018

School District partners with YELL organization to provide new experiences for senior students

Langley, BC – As summer holidays are nearing an end, teachers are getting ready for the new school year and, for the first time, the Langley School District is joining forces with the Canadian charity, Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad (YELL), to bring new opportunities to secondary school students.  Starting September 2018 at the Langley Education Center, YELL brings entrepreneurship and real-life strategies to grade 10-12 students both in and out of the classroom.

YELL is a year-long high school course and program for senior students to learn about and discover local and global societal needs, design entrepreneurial solutions to them, and learn strategies to implement their ideas.  Local entrepreneurs will regularly present in classes and students will be matched with an outside mentor.  Dawne Tomlinson, Director of Instruction for the Langley School District, is excited “to provide opportunities like this in Langley that engage students in authentic learning experiences to hone their skills they will need to be successful in a rapidly changing world; skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking and communication.  In addition, this program provides an amazing opportunity for students to work with mentors from the community as they go through the process of designing a solution or product.”  The course culminates with a province-wide Venture Challenge at the end of the year where groups present their ideas to entrepreneurs and investors. Students who take the program will receive credit for Entrepreneurship 12 and may also be eligible to receive SFU course credit upon successful completion of the course. Earlier this year, YELL and SFU announced that they are exploring offering SFU credit to high school students completing the YELL program.  Students with interest in all subject areas will benefit from this program.

YELL will run on Wednesdays starting Sept. 26, 2018 from 4-7pm at the Langley Education Centre (21405A 56Ave).  To apply, and for more information about the program, download the forms at  The application deadline has been extended to Sept. 19, 2018.  For any questions, contact the teacher, Alyssa Shore at 604.534.7155 ext. 248 or