Yorkson Creek recognizes National Indigenous Peoples Day with Inuit games

June 25, 2018

Last Thursday National Indigenous People’s Day was recognized around the district. At Yorkson Creek Middle School, they had a special day of music and games. The day was coordinated with the help of the school’s Aboriginal Staff.


Teacher Duane Kroeker led students in an Inuit games tournament. They played the traditional Inuit games of Two Foot & One Foot Pull and the Walrus Pull. The victor was decided in girls and boys categories with the school cheering them on. In addition, there were all day Lacrosse practices and games happening for students to participate.

The highlight of the day, however, was when Duane Kroeker and Michael Morgan, the District Principal of the Aboriginal Program, participated in an earth-shattering match of the Two Foot Pull. Though, Michael Morgan claims to have been undefeated until this point, teacher Duane Kroeker walked away with the champion belt.