WGSS Student to get the red carpet treatment

May 16, 2018

It’s been a monumental year for environmentalism at WGSS. Students have been rising to the challenge of creating sustainable solutions to the issue of climate change and resource sustainability.

Kevin Kim, who was recognized last year for his submission to the WorkSafeBC video contest, has just been shortlisted as one of the top four contributors to the FOCUS! Climate Change Video Contest by the Kimberley Foundation.

As one of the top four, Kim’s video will be shown at a red-carpet screening on June 9, where one of the top four videos will be announced as the winner of the contest. Something Kim still stands to gain, as the winner is unknown until the event.

Even if Kim only makes top four, that still means that his school is awarded $2,500 towards their science, art, and library programs. As well, there will be a personal prize for Kim based on his success in the event.

Focus! Climate Change Video Contest had students from across BC produce a video no longer than five minutes, discussing the effects of climate change on our environment. They were free to be as creative with the topic as they liked.

If you would like to see Kevin Kim’s video, you will have to attend the red-carpet event. You can find more details here.

Regardless if you attend the event or not, be sure to congratulate Kevin Kim on his continued excellence and achievements!