Wellness Week in Aldergrove Promotes Good Health

December 2, 2019

It was Wellness Week all week last week in Aldergrove. The event promotes mental, physical, and relational wellness for students and staff. To celebrate, there have been numerous events put on at Aldergrove Community Secondary School and Betty Gilbert Middle School to inform, and practice wellness in all kinds.

On Tuesday, Betty Gilbert had a Walk for Wellness, to promote healthy eating and activity, among many other events, such as a dairy milking demonstration on Thursday.

As part of ACSS’s events, they held sessions of bulb planting in the gardens around the school. Earlier this year, the school was given several tulip bulbs for planting. The flowers come from Federal Government, who was gifted thousands of tulip bulbs from the royal family of the Netherlands. Canadians were instrumental in freeing the Netherlands from occupation in the second World War, and ever since, the Dutch royalty has gifted Canada with tulips. This year, Aldergrove Secondary had the honour of receiving some of those tulips to plant.

Other Wellness Week initiatives have included kind messages posted to student lockers, to remind them about how special and necessary they are. As well as Bob Ross drawing exercises to unwind, among many other events.

The week was largely organized by Resource Teacher, Dianne Saumier, who felt this year was one of her best yet! She has been organizing Wellness Week at ACSS for four years now, “and this year was so smooth,” she says.

Thank you to all those staff and students who helped to make this year a big success for student wellness.