Wellness week at Aldergrove Community Secondary

November 30, 2018

Aldergrove Community Secondary students have been participating in ‘Wellness Week’ since Monday. During classes, flex, and lunch, students have had the opportunities to take part in workshops and exercises relating to their mental health.

Sessions have included Yoga, an informational visit from ICBC, Jiujitsu, cooking, animal visits from the zoo, and even ballet.


The goal of the week is to help educate kids on their mental wellness, and increase awareness to services available to them. It takes place just before report cards and the Christmas season, which can be stressful times for kids.

This is the third year that ACSS has put on Wellness Week. Teacher Dianne Saumier and  Wendy Potter from the Pacific Community Resources Society have planned the event from its beginnings. The pair wanted to break away from the assembly approach to wellness instruction. They had been helping kids discover wellness resources for years, but wanted to reach all kids in the school. Not all kids seek services, they said. They aim to educate kids on the services available to them, so they can bring that information home.

For the entirety of the week, teachers have been incorporating wellness into their lesson plans. Over 22 organizations have been involved throughout the week. And every department at the school contributes. Arts teachers have been drawing the visiting zoo animals, science classes have been doing wellness wheels.

There was even a students vs. RCMP soccer match earlier in the week with 10 officers participating.

The pair are hoping to grow the week next year, with a potential for parent information sessions in the evening.