Wellness Week: A Walk for Wellness

November 26, 2019

As a part of Wellness Week in the Aldergrove community of schools, Betty Gilbert Middle School took a Walk for Wellness.

Students of all grades were invited outside to walk the fields and parks around their school. They didn’t do it alone either. The train of students was led by BC Produce Marketing Association’s broccoli-like mascot, Freggie. The walk was to promote healthy eating and healthy exercise.

When students returned back to the school, they found a table set up with volunteers from Fraser Health and nearby Aldergrove Secondary, handing out yogurt and fruit parfaits as well as a selection of apples. All of which were donated: BC Dairy supplying the yogurt, Driediger Farms supplying the berries, and the BCPMA supplying the apples.

The breakfast and the walk are a part of the students’ education in developing healthy habits, and encouraging more activity and healthy eating.

“We want to focus on developing mental, physical, and relational wellness during this week,” says BGMS vice-principal, Dan Woelders.

Following the walk, students then had the opportunity to attend other wellness sessions at either Betty Gilbert or Aldergrove Secondary.

Thank you to Fraser Health and everyone in the community who helps support healthy education in our district!