The Many Ways We Remember: Remembrance Day

November 11, 2019

For some people, going to the local cenotaph on November 11 is a common tradition. Some of our schools across the District brought the cenotaph to the students and staff and honoured the men and women who’ve served for our country in their own unique ways.

At Aldergrove Community Secondary School, the school held an event which started with a procession led by a group of cadets. It was followed by a silent, dramatic presentation depicting what it was like for families awaiting their loved ones who had come back from war. In the story put on by theatre students, a woman was devastated and grieving by the loss of her husband. It was a powerful message of sorrow, sacrifice, and love.

At Alice Brown Elementary and James Hill Elementary, a local historian Brian Croft, contributed to the school ceremonies. Croft used the ceremonies to educate students and staff about memorial trees that were planted complete with a plaque in honour of Langley soldiers who’ve died in World War I. Over time, many of these trees were lost. Croft’s goal is to try to bring them back. The schools created their own version of the memorial tree project. Photos of soldiers were hung up and students pinned paper trees and poppies beside the portraits. It was a solemn ceremony for both young and old.

At Brookswood Secondary, students and staff paid their respects to veterans in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The school built its own cenotaph and laid poppy wreaths. It was one of many assemblies which took place throughout the District ahead of Remembrance Day.

Lest we forget.