Taking Knowledge from Odyssey Back to our Students

February 12, 2021

As students across the District have the day off on Friday, teachers and staff are spending their day expanding their own learning. But this time, the learning opportunities won’t be inside the classroom.

This year’s annual professional development conference known as Odyssey will be held virtually.

“This is the first time our District will be hosting a conference of this size fully online. Due to COVID-19, we have had to pivot and adapt to ensure we can continue to meet the education needs of our own teachers and staff,” explains Ngaire Leaf.

“We are looking forward to bringing everyone together and fostering connections with colleagues through this platform, especially at a time when it is much needed.” she adds.

More than 1600 educators are expected to take part and some of our learners are from out-of-District.

This year’s theme focuses on enhancing Indigenous student achievement and integrating Indigenous world views and perspectives into learning environments.

Presenters will use the educational Calls to Action outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation document to guide their learning with participants and the First Peoples Principles of Learning will also be at the forefront.

“I’m really excited that we are being highly intentional in continuing our Truth and Reconciliation journey in Langley. We expect some sessions to be challenging but we know the outcome will be valuable and will benefit our students and broader community,” says Dawne Tomlinson, Director of Instruction.

“The purpose of the day is to continue the journey and to provide everyone with a deeper understanding of what that means, ultimately providing everyone the opportunity to take that knowledge and understanding and bring it back to the work we do with our students.”

The keynote address looks to answer the question What is Anti-Racism & What’s it Doing in a Nice Field Like Education? Some of the sessions include Building Belonging and Identity Development and Stories from the Magic Canoe.

To learn more, visit our registration webpage here.