Table 35 students engage in campaign to end the “r” word

February 4, 2019

Table 35 is a regular event for students in the Leadership Program in Langley. Leadership students from all over the district meet four to five times a year to share ideas.

When the group met on February 1, they had a special guest, Chelsea Rogers, from the Special Olympics. She spoke about the organization, which supports people with intellectual disabilities year round, enriching their lives through sport.

A big part of the visit was sharing the Special Olympics’ “Spread the word to End the word” campaign, which is trying to eliminate the “r” word from people’s vocabularies. Students were encouraged to share the campaign at their schools.

Students then discussed ways in which they could make this campaign visible in their schools. This was all in preparation for Diversity and Respect Week, which will be taking place on February 25 to March 1.