Supporting our Young Families: Langley Child Day

May 19, 2019

Early learning and helping young families with the transition to Kindergarten is an important part of the Langley School District’s education plan. Collaboration with community partners is key to increasing success in learning, and health and well-being of children in our District, as the saying goes “It takes a village.” In this Q & A session, we speak to Alicia Rempel with Langley Children about the upcoming Langley Child Day event.

What is Langley Child Day?

Langley Child Day is a free event for families and children aged 0-5 (older siblings are welcome). We will have information booths, guest speakers, activities, door prizes and entertainment. It will be held on Wednesday, May 22 from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm at Church in the Valley (23589 Old Vale Road).

What resources/information will parents find at the event?

Every child will receive a terrific swag bag full of goodies and information. There will also be tons of information booths from local Langley agencies such as the Fraser Valley Regional Library, StrongStart, Fraser Health and many non-profits. Information on nutrition, safety, early learning and much more!

How important is it for parents of 0-5 to feel supported by and connected to the community? So important. Parenting can be a very isolating experience and it helps when you feel connected to the community. Parenting comes with a lot of questions and just knowing how to find the answers – that there are people and organizations out there who can help is empowering as a parent.

Why is early learning and a focus on the early years well-being important

The early years are critically important in the development of a child and really has a direct effect on the adult they become.  Which is one of the reasons Langley’s Infant Mental Health Collaborative created public awareness campaigns around well-being and how the Langley Child Day came to be, originally. You can learn more about the “Talk with Me, Play with Me, Comfort Me” campaign by watching this powerful video here.

Where can parents go if they want more info about the event? 
They can register for free and find more info here.