Student entrepreneurship at Lynn Fripps with the Powerplay program

December 7, 2017

Cars lined the block at Lynn Fripps Elementary for the Powerplay market on December 1. The gym was crowded with parents, staff, and students. Tables were packed into the space with students selling their wares.


The Powerplay event was organized by teacher Jennifer Fernandez. It teaches students about entrepreneurship. The work started back in September, when students began planning their products, packaging, and sales pitch. Parents helped to produce the items for sale, but the ideas were all created by the students.

Products ranged from dog treats, pet accessories, bath bombs, soap, bookmarks, notebooks, candles, picture frames, and several other gifts and accessories. The kids worked hard to sell, calling out the wares like it would be done at a local Flea Market.

Some students sold out within a half an hour.