Statement from the Langley Board of Education: Half-masting Flags

July 25, 2021

The Langley Board of Education acknowledges that many in our community are continuing to grieve as more unmarked graves are unearthed at former Residential school sites across the country. To honour the many children who did not return, those who survived and their families who are grieving, the Board passed the following motion on Saturday, July 24th:

“The Langley Board of Education will lower the flags for an indefinite period of time.”

All flags on District sites will be lowered to half-mast on Monday, July 26th. The District will update the community when information is made available.

As stated in our Vision, the Langley Board of Education and District fosters an inclusive and nurturing culture and we are committed to our journey of Reconciliation. Moving forward, we will continue to support our students, staff, and families who are impacted.

Langley Board of Education