‘Snow’ Much Fun Around the Langley School District

January 10, 2020

Snow blanketed Langley on Friday making it a difficult commute for many in the region. Those walking to school faced slippery paths. Weather related power outages occurred, affecting a handful of our schools. But despite these impacts, the white stuff didn’t seem to hamper the spirit of many around the District.

All of our schools were open. Administrators, teachers, and staff spent the day shovelling snow, teaching, and fitting in a bit of winter fun.

At Shortreed Elementary School, Principal Chris Wejr was so happy to see a few of his students get comfortable in the snow. As he said with a smile pointing to a pair of students, “This is the first ever experience in the snow for these two.”

A Kindergarten class at James Hill Elementary, had their noses pressed up against their classroom window looking out in awe of the winter scene.

“They were so excited to see the snow falling, they were mesmerized,” described Principal Kendra Simonetto.

Some teachers got creative, finding ways to link the snow to the curriculum. Students at Simonds Elementary and U-Connect put Applied Design, Skills and Technologies learning into action by building snowmen.

Students in the Outdoor Aboriginal Community Environmental Studies class at HD Stafford built snow shelters.

A class at Langley Meadows Community School brought their snowmen inside, of course, they anticipated what would happen.

“Our grade 1 and 2 students made snowmen and measured their melting. They used standard and non-standard measurements,” said principal Beth Cairnie on the math activity.

Willoughby Elementary Principal Phillis Giovani got a snowy surprise.

“I got the best card ever from a grade 2 student for my birthday today! The card read ‘To: Jovoone Happy Birthday. This is your lake (lucky) day. Forme (from) Amaya.’”

It was a joyful, snowy day of making memories!

The District thanks everyone including students, parents and staff at school sites and in all of departments such as Facilities for helping keep our learning community safe.

Enjoy this video below for some highlights.