REMSS student wins Loran Scholarship Award

March 1, 2016

Sayeh YousefiSayah Yousefi of R.E. Mountain Secondary has won the prestigious Loran Scholarship Award after an intensive series of interviews and rigorous application process. Sayah is an International Baccalaureate grade 12 student and was one of only 80 finalists (2% of applicants) and one of only 30 recipients of the award. The award comes with $100,000 of tuition and stipends over four years as well as constant testing and expanding of the students’ limits during their undergraduate career.

“We want them to really go out into the unknown. We are really trying sometimes to destabilize them; that’s where the learning happens,” said Franca Gucciardi, the executive director and CEO of the Loran Scholars Foundation.

Before courses even start in the fall, students take part in a week-long wilderness expedition, including a 24-hour solitary period. They are strongly encouraged to study outside their home province. And in the summers during university, they are helped to find an internship – in a non-profit, the private sector or a startup.

R.E. Mountain Principal Magdy Ghobrial spoke on behalf of the REMSS community saying, “we are extremely proud of Sayeh and her accomplishments!”