Reading Recovery Celebrates 25 Years of Success

September 23, 2020

It’s easy to take the skill of reading for granted. For many of us, we learned early on how to read. But for some students reading is more challenging to learn. For twenty-five years, the Reading Recovery program has been helping grade one students succeed in their reading.

“It is a preventative program,” says program coordinator, Amanda Leach, “which intervenes early with intensive, daily, individualized instruction. The goal is for students to become independent readers and writers within the average range or higher in their grade one class.”

During the year that students participate in the Reading Recovery program, specialized teachers spend a short time with them during the school day to complete a series of reading and writing tasks. “Lessons are carefully individualized for each student based on observation and assessment providing instant feedback to support the students’ learning.” But overall, lessons and materials are provided in addition to classroom instruction.

The program was piloted in Langley back in the 1994-95 school year, headed by Director of instruction at the time, Brenda LeCaire and with District Coordinator, Fiona Morrison, Sharon Kinakin, Don Klinger, and Barbara Hill.

“In January 1996, Barbara Hill returned from Teacher Leader training in Auckland, New Zealand and began the Langley Reading Recovery Centre housed at Noel Booth Elementary,” says Leach. “She trained five more teachers and supported the previous five trained teachers in the centre’s inaugural year.”

Since its inauguration, the program has trained more than 140 teachers in the District.

“Teachers have been able to share their knowledge with colleagues and students building capacity within the District,” says Leach. “Several of our trained Reading Recovery teachers have moved on to positions such a District Integration Support, Learning Support and school administrators.”

With that capacity, the program has supported over 3,700 students in its 25 years.

“Over the years we have seen so many of our Reading Recovery students graduate and pursue post-secondary education,” says Leach. “They develop self-confidence and a problem-solving attitude which serves them well in all areas of life. The impact of Reading Recovery in grade one lasts throughout life. Literacy opens the doors to endless possibilities.”

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary, the Reading Recovery program continues to flourish and help students reach their reading and writing goals.

For more details on the program, you can visit our program page here.