Parent/Guardian Information Meeting: Admin Procedure 356

December 9, 2022

Join us to learn more about Administrative Procedure 356 and have an opportunity to ask staff questions.

Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: TBD (venue will be determined based on the number of expected attendees)

Registration has closed. Registrants have been emailed information about the meeting location. Please check your junk email folder if it is not in your inbox. If you have any questions about the meeting, please email:

What is Administrative Procedure 356 (Exclusion)?

Administrative Procedure 356 (Exclusion) or AP 356 is one of many administrative procedures and practices established by the Superintendent of Schools that directs staff on their work. You can review AP 356 here.

Why is the District hosting an information meeting about AP 356?

The District continues to listen and respond to concerns from students, staff, families, and organizations. The District has been made aware of concerns circulating in the community regarding AP 356.

Why was AP 356 developed?

AP 356 was developed as a result of a 2020-2021 BC Ombudsperson report and directive to improve the District’s “guidance for staff for supporting students who have been suspended as well as developing guidelines for medical exclusions.”

Upon review of existing admin procedures regarding discipline at the time, the District recognized there was no admin procedure for dealing with students who are asked to stay at home for non-disciplinary reasons such as health, safety, and medical reasons. In alignment with sections 26 and 85 (2) of the School Act, the District determined it needed to develop a separate procedure from Administrative Procedure 355 (Student Expectations and Consequences). Administrative Procedure 356 (Exclusion) was developed to provide students, staff, and parents/guardians clear guidelines to support and ensure that the health, safety, and educational needs of students are met, and that students can successfully attend full-time in Langley schools. This procedure ensures there is clear communication among all parties involved. As a result of this communication there is transparency and understanding in the authority that staff may have to take actions only when absolutely necessary.

Who is impacted by AP 356?

AP 356 is applicable to all students and impacts all students, staff, and families. Despite our best efforts to create inclusive academic and social learning environments, there are times when our student specific plans, programming, and environments need to be adjusted. This admin procedure gives staff the opportunity to design better environments and includes special consideration for “Priority Learners (Indigenous students, students identified as having special needs, Children and Youth in Care, students with complex mental health needs.) Students facing systemic barriers require special consideration, consultation, and planning and may need additional support.”

Who was involved in developing AP 356?

AP 356 was in the development stage for two years and the process included feedback from stakeholders and rightsholders. As part of the process, the District also learned from other Districts around the province who have similar exclusion procedures that have been in place for many years.

Who can I contact with my questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns, please attend the parent/guardian information meeting. If you have inquiries about the meeting, you can email: