LSS Metal Shop has a grand re-opening

July 11, 2018

After a long period of construction, and being moved to a new building, the Langley Secondary Metal Shop reopened in June. It will be ready to receive students for September.

The grand reopening of the shop took place on June 14, where staff from the school and board office visited to mark the occasion. The school’s shop teacher, Shelly Rand used the opportunity to express her gratitude towards those involved in the move of the shop, as well as share some history of metal work at the school.

Superintendent Gord Stewart ready to weld!

With the assistance of the Canadian Welding Association Foundation five new welding booths were set up in the space. The CWA Foudnation donated a generous $15,000 towards new equipment for the shop, which went towards 5 new ESAB 3 way welding machines, 5 grinders, and new gloves and helmets. This will allow students more chances to practice welding, without waiting in line.

In addition to donations by CWA Foundation, the Youth Train in Trades organization, IPA Youth, donated money to assist in the purchase of two new lathes and a new bandsaw for the shop.

Rand was sure to thank the plethora of people who helped make the move possible, both physically and with program support, including teachers, and staff.