LSS Grad Walk greeted with enthusiasm and encouragement

June 19, 2017

A roar of cheering erupted as LSS grads entered the atrium of HD Stafford. Grads came dressed in their graduation regalia on June 16, and high five’d Stafford’s middle school students in a long line extending throughout the school. Music blasted through the school speakers as they made their journey.

The LSS Grad Walk gave grads the opportunity to revisit the schools they grew up in. This included HD Stafford, their middle school, and various elementary schools, including James Hill Elementary. There were six busses loaded with grads who came brimming with excitement.


Elementary students at James Hill greeted the grads with music and high fives as well. Many of the students also made banners and signs congratulating the grads.

It was an encouraging event for all students involved as they re-lived memories of past teachers and bonded with fellow students in their community. District administration was also present to pass on their congratulations with warm handshakes and encouragement.

To end the day, students returned to LSS only to be greeted by further cheers from fellow students. They gathered in the castle lobby where music was blasting. There was dancing, singing, and a sharing of stories. According to principal Marcello Moino, the feeling of the room was magical that it felt like it had come straight out of a Disney musical.

You can view the LSS Grad Walk photo reel video here: Grad Walk Reel