Letter to Parents/Guardians: Fuel and Travel Restrictions

November 22, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Re: Fuel and Travel Restrictions

The District acknowledges that we are already facing challenges with the pandemic and the addition of last week’s floods and landslides around the province have made things more difficult for all of us. We recognize that some of you or your loved ones may have been impacted and are undergoing additional stress due to these recent events. We know some of you have invited people into your homes, started fundraising activities, and are finding ways to help support our community. Thank you for your efforts in caring for our neighbours near and far.

On Friday, November 19, 2021, the province announced two temporary emergency orders to restrict non-essential travel in some areas and to prioritize fuel for essential vehicles. The province is recommending that school districts work alongside their communities and reduce all non-essential travel and take measures to promote and support carpooling, public transit usage, and alternate methods of transportation. As a District, we want to do our part while continuing student learning. Schools will be open, and buses will continue to operate as normal. The School Board Office will remain open to the public.

Based on the recommendations from the province, the following measures will be in place until December 1, 2021:

  • Staff who work at a school site will continue to report to work.
  • Staff who work at a District site, but are redeployed to a school site, will continue to report to work.
  • School field trips and sports/extra-curricular activities may be deferred when possible.
  • In-person meetings will be reduced where travel is required.
  • Non school-based staff who can work remotely have been encouraged to do so.
  • Staff who need to commute are being encouraged to carpool, use transit, or other methods of transportation.

We want our District to operate as efficiently as possible during this provincial fuel crisis. The District is encouraging our students and families to walk, ride a bike, carpool, use transit or alternate modes of transportation in support of the province’s efforts.

If you have any questions or your family needs additional support, please connect with your school administrator. To access community supports, you can visit BC 211 or locally, the Langley Children Committee’s resource page here. We have experienced changing measures before and are well equipped to adapt. As we have done with grace over the last 20 months, please be kind and continue caring for one another during this challenging time.


Gord Stewart

Superintendent of Schools