Langley student to compete in the 2018 BC Winter Games

February 2, 2018

Langley student Kayla Halliday is soon to be representing the district in the BC Winter Games in Kamloops this February. Around her school, the excitement is already palpable. Two classmates interviewed Kayla and wrote her story:

“Our classmate, Kayla Halliday, is representing Langley in the Juvenile Women U-14 Figure Skating in the BC Winter Games. Kamloops will be hosting this year’s games in  February. Kayla is 12 years old and in Gr. 7, Late French Immersion.

Kayla has been figure skating for four years. She discovered the sport after first trying hockey, a sport in which her father, grand-father and great-grandfather had excelled. After learning how to skate in hockey skates for a year, she realized that it wasn’t the sport for her. She then went on to try figure skating and fell in love with the sport.


Zdenek Pazderik has been Kayla’s figure skating coach for the past two years. She practices six days a week, sometimes twice a day with an hour off the ice. A typical practice normally lasts two to four hours. To warm up, Kayla begins off the ice.  She starts with some stretches, some jump rotations, and then she normally listens to music while practicing her routine on the floor. She takes ten minutes to tie her skate laces and on the ice she goes! Kayla’s favourite trick is the double axel as this is her highest jump right now and it is the jump that helps bring female figure skaters to the Olympics.

Kayla’s placed first in the BC sectionals competition that took place in Parksville in early December. She found out that she qualified for the BC Winter Games in late December. She was nervous at first about taking part in the games, but then she realized what an amazing opportunity it would be and jumped at the offer.

Kayla wishes to pursue figure skating as a career in the future and hopes to one day represent Canada in the Olympics. We are all extremely proud of Kayla and we wish her “bonne chance”!”

— Classmates, Katelyn and Brooke