Langley Secondary School Celebrates New Thunderbird Logo

June 9, 2021

Students and staff at Langley Secondary will have a new image representing their school. LSS is excited to announce the school’s official imagery, logo and mascot is now a thunderbird. The thunderbird is an Indigenous symbol representing power, protection and strength. The new logo represents the identity and values of the Langley Secondary School (LSS) community.

“Powerful imagery is integral to school culture; when students can see an embodiment of their values, it helps to connect them better to their community,” says Marcello Moino, principal of Langley Secondary School.

One of the struggles that LSS has had over the years is embodying what a “Saint” looks like and that includes every member of our school. LSS students and staff know that they are: Diverse, Inclusive, a Community, and Strong,” adds Moino.

As part of a respectful and comprehensive engagement process, a student survey found approximately 80 percent of respondents did not identify with the word or any visual of saint. Engagement with staff resulted in the same findings. This prompted the school to start a journey in developing a new logo that embodied their identity and core values, a symbol that students, staff, and the school community could embrace.

“We know LSS has a rich history and a long-standing tradition. We connected with alumni, current students, and staff. What we heard back from everyone was that the spirit of the school has not changed over the years. The image of the school has evolved, but the school’s motto “nihil sine opera” or translated from Latin “nothing without effort” remains constant,” explains Moino.

As part of this journey, the school formed a committee made up of administrators and staff to guide the direction of the process. Over the last year, the committee consulted with current students, staff, alumni, ya:y̓ əstəl̕ (District Aboriginal Advisory Committee), and the four local First Nations upon whose territories the District resides. The school sponsored an open competition, where Indigenous artists from the four First Nations in the Langley School District were invited to submit their proposals. After an open process, a school committee made up of school administration and staff selected the work of Brandon Gabriel, as the best representation of what the school was looking for, to work in collaboration with muralist Dean Lauzé. Gabriel and Lauzé have been commissioned by the school to collaborate and develop the new logo, together.

“Consultation and guidance from ya:y̓ əstəl̕ and the leadership of the local First Nations were a critical and meaningful priority in this process. We wanted to ensure First Nations education leaders walked along side us on this journey to embrace the story of the thunderbird and our school,” says Moino.

The school unveiled the new logo in a virtual ceremony on Wednesday June 9. Students, staff, and special guests took part. The local artists involved in the development of the symbol, Kwantlen First Nation artist Brandon Gabriel, and local mural artist Dean Lauzé, joined in the celebration. The school’s plan is to have a large mural of the thunderbird painted in the gym completed in time for the opening of the next school year.