Langley Fundamental Elementary shows passion with first entrepreneurship fair

March 13, 2019

It was hard to contain the excitement felt by the kids at Langley Fundamental Elementary on Tuesday. The school held their first ever entrepreneurship fair. The gym was made up like a small market space with the school’s grade 5 kids selling products that they had been working tirelessly to produce.

There was some amazing work on display! It was clear that the kids at LFE worked extra hard to produce some incredible products! Even learning new skills to be able to execute their visions.

One student showed up with a whole display of stuffed animals. “He made them all,” said Vice-Principal, Niel Powell, “He learned how to sew. Two weeks ago, he didn’t know how. His mom showed him how to sew.”

It was this level of dedication and hands-on-learning that was evident throughout the market. These kids poured their hearts into the products they made. Way to go, LFE!