iPad Photography at Belmont Elementary

May 16, 2017

During the photography exploration at Belmont Elementary, students were introduced to a new photography technique and/or element of composition each week. With iPads as their cameras, students were encouraged to explore these teachings by taking photos throughout the school and on the schoolyard. Second year students worked on a ‘finding the alphabet’ project and conveying mood and story. Individually and in groups, students took photos, gave and received feedback and often retook photos to create unique and memorable images. As students began to see everyday objects in new ways, their creativity soared. For a final project, students chose a quote and created their own inspirational posters.

“We have the pleasure of sharing our love of photography with students at Belmont. Student creativity and innovation constantly amazes us. Just when we feel that we have seen the swing set from every angle possible, someone presents a photograph that tells a new story. It is a joy to work with such talented students everyday!”

– Maryann Balzarini and Kelly Baker (teachers)


“I really liked working on perspective. It allowed us to be especially creative.”


“Working on leading lines was fun. My most memorable photograph was of a ladybug. It was really cool to photograph the ladybug close up and see all of the detail.”


“Working on perspective was neat. It made you look at things from different angles and in different ways.”


“Taking pictures with friends and helping one another was amazing.”


“Taking photos was interesting and challenging. Trying to take a photo from the right angle to get the photo that I wanted was hard.”


“Understanding the rule of thirds changed the way that I look at pictures. Now I always think of the rule of thirds whenever I take a photo.”