Inspire event showcases student work with robots, games, and coding

December 11, 2017

Robotic bees and caterpillars rolled across the gym floor at James Kennedy Elementary on December 5. They were joined by battle-bots, Dash-bots and a crowd of children programming them. The robots can complete challenges, compete with one another, and do various tasks based on what the kids program them to do.

The Inspire event was hosted by teacher Ann Pimentel, Jake Main and their Coding Club kids. The showcase had kids from the outside and inside the school trying out different programming activities. At each station, they learned how the different bots worked, and how to use them effectively. There were also laptops set up so that kids could experiment in Scratch, a programming tool for students.


Kids from the JKE Coding Club presented various projects they’ve been working on. They varied from video games, done in Scratch, programmable Microbit displays, and various robot techniques.

Kim Gammel and Amanda Doran from the Library Learning Commons displayed a selection of coding books as well as showcased the new JKE tech and robot lending library program.

They were joined by Rob Moslinger’s robotics team who came to showcase their competition robot as well as various other bots.