Recruiting for the Future

March 9, 2019

So many teacher jobs available throughout the province, but which one to choose?  That’s what many new education graduates are thinking about right now.

Given the employment climate in school districts, teacher candidates have many options on where they can work.

On Wednesday, the Langley School District hosted an info session for prospective teachers to let them know why they should start their career at District 35.

About 75 potential recruits came out to hear about the benefits of teaching in Langley. The District is one of the fastest growing districts in the province. A new middle school and a new high school is opening in September.

“Wherever you decide to live and work, you want to think about support and opportunities for growth,” said Superintendent Gord Stewart to the group.

Working in a supportive environment and collaboration time are highlights.

“There is a lot of support for new teachers. An example of this is our mentorship program. It allows mentors and mentees to form a partnership to work cooperatively on achieving mutually defined goals that focus on developing skills, abilities, knowledge, and thinking,” explained Mark Petrik, Human Resources Officer with the District.

The District has a robust recruitment strategy which includes posting jobs online Canada-wide, attending career fairs at local universities, and taking advantage of technology and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a strategy that is working and attracting experienced teachers.

“In January, there was a vacant music teacher position in one of the high school’s, but it was quickly filled. The teacher came to us from another district,” added Petrik.

For more info on positions available, click here.