Grad Walks across the district in 2019

June 24, 2019

“I’m always very proud of the fact that they have persevered and finished their school career,” said Uplands Elementary Kindergarten teacher, Shauna Aranas. “I get emotional and I do get teary when I see them. It’s wonderful to have them come back and be able to see how much they’ve changed.”

She is speaking about the growing tradition of Grad Walks in the Langley School District.

For the last three years, grads from around the district load onto busses to visit their old elementary and middle schools, and are cheered on by the schools’ current students. Banners are waved, high-fives had, and roses are handed out.

“It’s really a celebration of these kids’ learning and it really helps connect the elementary school to the high school,” says Noel Booth Elementary Principal, James Ribeyre. “It also connects the learning for our kids that are in elementary school. They’re going to be able to see, that this is where this all goes and it creates engagement and excitement and it really celebrates success.”

Jeremy Lyndon, Principal of Aldergrove Community Secondary says, “It’s about inspiring the future generations of Totems that are coming up and for our kids, its about legacy and leaving something behind as we bid them one final farewell as they move onto the rest of their lives.”

Way to go 2019 grads! You are an inspiration to your peers, and may you find success in the future!

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