FOCUS at Langley Secondary Celebrates First Christmas in New Space

December 20, 2019

Every Christmas the FOCUS program at Langley Secondary School has its annual Christmas breakfast for students in the program. It’s a time for all of them to come together to celebrate the season. And this year, they’re doing it in their brand new room in one of the newly built wings of the school.

Langley Secondary School has undergone a huge change since the beginning of the calendar year. In September, students moved into their new classroom spaces, and the FOCUS program has gained the benefit of the move. The room may be smaller than the previous location, but that was designed on purpose.

“You need to have contact,” says program teacher, Laurence Greeff. “When you’re in a smaller room it’s easier to engage with the students.” By condensing the space, Greeff has been able to make strong connections with the students.

FOCUS is designed to give students enrolled in it more flexible learning space, self-paced learning, and individualized instruction.

The breakfast included pancakes, sausage, quiche, bacon, fruit, coffee, and juice. Food was prepared by staff, as well as trustee Suzanne Perreault. The room was packed and energetic with students sitting and sharing stories and chatting with peers and staff.

Thank you to all who help make this program a great success!