Enhancing Our School Spaces

September 5, 2023

If you know the meaning of the words, Gaga Ball, odds are you are a teacher or a parent/guardian of an elementary school student. Gaga Ball is one of the most popular outdoor activities children engage in during break times.

This year, elementary school students will have more places to play Gaga Ball, as new pits were installed at eight schools across the District over the summer. The additional pits are just some of the enhancements you will find at Langley schools this year.

While, for many, the summer is a time to relax and unwind, staff in the District’s Facilities and Maintenance Department have been hard at work, completing a variety of tasks while students were enjoying their break.

“We are thankful to all of our staff who have worked so hard all summer to complete so many projects that help make our schools safer, brighter, and more accessible, while also improving learning opportunities for our students,” said Brian Iseli, Secretary Treasurer.

Gaga Ball pits were built at Douglas Park Community Elementary, Nicomekl Elementary, Willoughby Elementary, James Hill Elementary, Lynn Fripps Elementary, Simonds Elementary, RC Garnett Demonstration School, and Langley Fundamental Elementary. Many elementary schools across the District already have them.

“We are continuing to work toward fostering equity and inclusion in our schools, not just when it comes to learning in the classroom but also facilities and grounds across the District,” Tristan Schaufler, Director of Facilities, Transportation, and Capital Projects.

Many other projects have also been completed, including new exterior paint at Aldergrove Community Secondary, new gym flooring at Glenwood Elementary – featuring a big blue Lion logo at centre court – and a new kitchen renovation at Parkside Centennial Elementary, which will boost the school’s breakfast program. As well, a library renovation and an outdoor track repair and repaint has been completed at Walnut Grove Secondary, a complex resource room addition/renovation is underway at Langley Secondary, and a new entry ramp and parking lot paving has been completed at Wix-Brown Elementary.

Additionally, a number of heating, lighting and plumbing upgrades have also been completed at schools throughout the District.

To see some of the District facility enhancements and changes, see slideshow below:

RC Garnett Demonstration School Gaga Ball Pit