District Choir Night

November 7, 2016

3O8A6411On Monday, October 24th, 450 students from across the district came together to celebrate music and share their music. Choirs from almost every secondary school participated sharing their repertoire and ending in two amazing massed choir numbers. This showcase was the culmination of a number of workshops that were held the week before. Often, festivals are held at year-end with the clinic happening after the performance. Here, choirs participated in a clinic prior to the concert helping them to prepare and learn prior to the 3O8A6373performance. This year’s clinician was Dr. Goeffrey Boers from the University of Washington. His work with our students was excellent drawing word pictures that helped 3O8A6412students to visualize what they were doing, focusing their musicality. It was a great learning experience for all of us. The R.E. Mountain Choir and Chamber choir performed beautifully at the concert. They made us very proud. Our thanks to the Music Parents who assisted at the door, to the students who helped set up and take down, to Tom Lee Music who supplied the grand piano and to all the principals and vice principals who showed up to support their schools. Thanks to Ms. Williams for her leadership and organization around this event and for the great music she makes with her choirs!

[with permission and thanks from the REMSS Principal Blog of Magdy Ghobrial]