Brookswood Secondary Invites Alumni for Golden Anniversary

May 25, 2023

A Langley school that has counted multi-generations of family members among its students will celebrate in style this weekend, as former students, staff, and families gather for a 50th anniversary celebration.

Beginning Friday, Brookswood Secondary will host a handful of events to mark its golden anniversary; a swing dance night, alumni basketball game, and open house are among the activities on the schedule.

During the open house, a ‘Decades Room’ will also be set up, so students and staff – both past and present – can have an opportunity to reflect on not just their time at the secondary school, but others, as well.

And while much has changed at Brookswood Secondary through the years, one thing that has not is the connection that many current and former students and staff feel to the building and school community.

“In my (time as a student), basketball was a big part of my life. For lots of students, drama or band or academics, or however they choose to make that connection to the school is the most important thing,” said long-time teacher and basketball coach Kelsey Stewart, who is a graduate of Brookswood himself.

“When I went here, it was kind of early for Brookswood and it’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. So, I think just the duration of the school culture… is the most important thing.”

Stewart, whose children now attend the school, isn’t the only former graduate who now finds himself teaching at the school. In fact, a number of teachers have spent nearly their whole lives connected to the school in some form.

Automotive teacher Glen Loewen is also a former student at the school, and between his siblings, both older and younger, and his mom, who used to work at the school, “there has been a Loewen here continuously since 1985.”

His daughter is currently a student at Brookswood, too.

“I want them to feel like they’re part of something that is lasting here and is a big part of the community,” he said.

For other teachers, like French teacher Monica Harding, the school has always been a warm, welcoming place that is filled with great memories.

“Brookswood is my happy place,” she said. “It truly does feel like a family. People look out for each other, and it’s always been a caring place.”

The school counts many notable people among its graduates, including NHL hockey player Kyle Burroughs, professional basketball player Aislinn ‘Ace’ Konig, actor Amanda Crew and musician Daniel Wesley, among others.

For more information on this weekend’s activities, visit the official 50 Year Anniversary website here.

To catch a glimpse of the weekend’s events, check out the photo gallery below: