Board News: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

June 1, 2017

Opening Presentations

Langley Secondary Senior Boys’ Field Lacrosse Tier Two Provincial Champions

The Board of Education congratulated the Langley Secondary Boy’s Field Lacrosse team for their win at the Tier Two Provincial competition. Due to terrible weather this year the team played their final game in so much snow the field lines had to be cleared with clipboards and the usual white ball had to be swapped out with an orange version so players could see it in the air and on the ground. Though the team is based at LSS, it really was more of a district effort as some players from other secondary schools that don’t have lacrosse teams made up the roster. Coach Gallant was impressed with the way the team came together after only a playing only two regular season games as a result of this year’s unprecedented winter weather.

The B.C. champion Saints include Connor Watson, Gray Pennington, Dane Chard, Dylan Grove, Ethan Ohlman, Brendan Rayburn, Aydan Johnson, Kyle Brunsch, Cal Slade, Chayce Fryer, Chase Moore, Aidan Miller, Cole Radke, Jordan Daniel, Trevayne Hunter, Caleb Pearson, and Tynan Shatzko.

R.E. Mountain Secondary Improv Team Provincial Winners

The Improv Team from REMSS has represented the school and district very well in recent months both for their improv skill and their outstanding attitude and conduct at the Provincial Improv Championships. The Board recognized their achievements and was treated to a wonderful performance of song and comedy – all made up on the spot! Check out the video below:

Presentation: Foundation Annual Report

The Langley School District was established to support the Langley School District and Make Learning Unforgettable for Langley Students. The Foundation supports programs that are outside of the regular Ministry of Education funding and also supports students with scholarships as they move to post-secondary education. The Foundation raises about $1 Million per year and disperses about $800,000-$900,000 in support exclusively to the students of the Langley School District. To find out more visit

Presentation: Celebration of French Culture in the District

District Teacher of Modern Languages Ellen Bornowsky provided the Board an update on French language programs in the district and shared the following video showing how students in Langley celebrate French culture as part of their language studies.

Superintendent’s Reports

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning: District Technology Plan

District Principal of Educational Planning Sam Muraca provided a report to the Board outlining the District Technology Plan. The plan covers school, staff and student technology implementation and supports. Hardware like computer labs and class iPad carts area all considered as well as age/grade appropriate software.

Long-Term Facilities Plan – Middle Schools Update

The Board of Education passed 7 motions related to the Long-Term Facilities Plan and the Middle School Consultation process recently undertaken with the Langley Schools community.

In short, the Board passed the following recommendations :

  • In the Brookswood community, the Board has directed staff to establish a Transition Committee that will report back to the Board with a detailed plan to implement a middle school model in the Brookswood community once the Brookswood-Fernridge Community Development Plan is approved by the Township of Langley.
  • The Board approved the establishment of a Grade 6 to 12 middle/secondary model at the DW Poppy Secondary facility and directed staff to establish a Transition Committee to report back to the Board by December 2017.
  • Staff will report back to the Board by December 2017 on facility implications for the elementary schools in the DW Poppy zone in transitioning to a Kindergarten to Grade 5 model.
  • The Board directed staff to include representation from Coghlan Elementary as part of the DW Poppy Transition Committee and to report back to the Board in December 2017 with an implementation plan to transition Coghlan to a K-5 model.
  • Staff will also report back to the Board in December 2017 on the facilities implications of transitioning Coghlan to a K-5 elementary school.
  • In the WGSS community, staff was directed to establish a Transition Committee to report back to the Board in March 2018 on the implementation plan of establishing the middle school model in that community which will include timeline, possible facility changes and education programming implications.
  • Lastly, the Board recommended that staff request of the Ministry of Education the capital funding in the Five-Year Capital Plan submission for the acquisition of a site for construction of a middle school.

Secretary Treasurer’s Reports

Annual Budget Bylaw 2017/2018

The Board of Education is required to pass a balanced budget each year on or before June 30th. At the May Regular meeting, the Board passed the first two readings of the $225,732,520 budget. There will be a budget open house on June 19th between 6:00pm and 7:00pm in the foyer of the School Board Office. The Annual Budget Bylaw 2017/2018 will come before the Board for its third reading on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at the Regular meeting of the Board. The public is welcome at all Regular Meetings of the Board of Education.

R.C. Garnett Construction Update

The construction of an addition at R.C. Garnett Elementary is underway. As part of the project three portables have been moved onto the staff parking lot to temporarily accommodate displaced students while the new wing is being constructed. The project completion date is December 2017 with new students and staff moving into the new wing in January of 2018. The three additional portables on the west parking lot will be moved away at that time also and the daycare currently housed in the multi-purpose room in RCG will move back to its portable. The future use and/or location of the original four portables on the south side of the building will be determined in the spring of 2018.

Education Committee: Aviation Education in Langley

The Board of Education passed a motion approving a new course ‘Aviation Explorations 12 (BAA)’ that will be based at the Langley Education Centre. Here is an excerpt from the course description:

Aviation Explorations 12 (BAA) provides students with the foundational knowledge of aviation theory and exposes them to a multitude of related career opportunities. Students are introduced to the skills and knowledge required for careers in Air Traffic Controlling, Piloting (fixed wing and rotary aircraft), aviation maintenance and manufacturing, airport management, aerospace engineering and other aviation specific services and businesses. The course covers some components of the curriculum from ground school training necessary to obtain a private pilot license and it provides hands-on and place-based learning opportunities to supplement the content and skills learned.

The course will include on-site learning opportunities at local airports (Langley, Abbotsford and Vancouver) as well as aviation related businesses and post-secondary aviation programs.