Board News: Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 22, 2016

Opening Presentations: DW Poppy Redhawk Drummers/Truth & Reconciliation


Kwantlen Chief Marilyn Gabriel and Katzie Chief Susan Miller and special guests performed two songs for the Board of Education and spoke about the recent Truth and Reconciliation assemblies that have been taking place in schools around Langley in the past few weeks. Each school has confirmed their commitment to reconciliation and mounted a plaque to display that commitment at their school.

Provincial French Public Speaking Award Finalists

Ellen Bornowsky, District Teacher for French, introduced three Langley Provincial French Public Speaking Provincial award finalists.

Kennedy Laird of Belmont competed in the grade 6 immersion category and captured a second place award with her speech, Ma Vie folle.

Seraphina Rizkallah of James Kennedy competed in the grade 7 immersion category and was awarded second place for her speech, La Réalité des sports.

Jeremy Lohnes of ACSS competed in the grade 9 immersion category and brought home third place honours with his speech, La Privation du sommeil.

All three performed their award-winning speeches for the Board of Education.

Achievement Report: District Student Surveys

Reg_Sups Achievement Report_2016Jun21_page1Acting Superintendent Gord Stewart shared information from two recent surveys undertaken by district students, the ‘Tell Them From Me’ engagement survey and the ‘Middle Years Development Instrument‘ (MDI).

The ‘Tell Them From Me’ survey is for secondary students and measures 30 indicators based on the most recent research on school and classroom effectiveness. Highlights of some of the data are included in the presentation and provide some interesting insights into the lives of secondary students in Langley.

The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) is a self-report questionnaire that is completed by children in grades 4 and 7. The MDI measures areas of development connected to well-being, health and academic achievement. There is a lot of research indicating that how the social, cognitive and emotional changes during the ‘middle years’ (ages 6-12) are navigated are crucial predictors of future success. The MDI measures experiences in five areas: physical health and well-being, social and emotional development, connectedness, school experiences and use of after-school time. This is the first time Langley students have completed the survey but insights into their lives can provide a valuable framework to meet the needs of children so that they are move likely to thrive.

Superintendent’s Action Reports: Willoughby Slope Catchments

Reg_Willoughby Slope Catchments_2016Jun21_page1The Board of Education passed motions to change the Willoughby Slope catchments as enrolment pressures continue to be a challenge in the neighbourhood (Media release: Langley Board of Education approves catchment changes for Willoughby). The catchment changes will come into effect for the 2017-2018 school year and descriptions may be viewed here. The catchment changes come at the end of a year-long community consultation process.

Secretary Treasurer’s Action Report: Annual Budget Bylaw 2016/2017

Reg_Annual Budget 2016.2017_2016June 21_page1School Districts are required to submit a balanced budget by June 30 of each year. The budget is approved by the passing of the Annual Budget Bylaw and the Board of Education passed the bylaw in the amount of $207,237,020. There is an $850,000 deficit in the operating fund so the Board appropriated this amount from the previous years’ unrestricted surplus amount in order to balance the budget.

Secretary Treasurer’s Action Report: Capital Bylaw to Commence the Process for the Disposal of the Lochiel School Site

The Board of Education passed all three readings of the capital bylaw to being the process for disposal of the Lochiel school site. The Board declared that the facility was no longer needed for educational purposes and the property should be sold.

Secretary Treasurer’s Action Report: Five Year Capital Plan – Capital Bylaw

As of May 6, 2016 the Board of Education is required to pass a Capital Bylaw that outlines their Five Year Capital Plan and the all their capital projects. Previously, each project would have required a capital bylaw once the Five Year Capital Plan was submitted to the Ministry of Education. The bylaw was passed by the Board.

Superintendent’s Information Report: Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement 2010-2015 Final Report

Reg_Aboriginal Ed Enhancement Agreement 2010_2015 Final Rep_ 2016Jun21_page1The Board received the final report on the 2010-2015 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement as presented. Micheal Morgan, District Principal of Aboriginal Education presented the report and provided a brief history of the document and overview of it’s newest version. The agreement is between the Aboriginal Communities of the Kwantlen First Nation, Katzie First Nation, Matsqui First Nation, Lower Fraser Aboriginal Society, Waycea Metis Society, the Langley School District and the Ministry of Education. The Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement has had a great impact on the relationships between those that have entered into the agreement, said Mr Morgan.

Superintendent’s Information Report: Learning Improvement Fund Update

Reg_Learning Improvement Fund_2016Jun21_page1The Learning Improvement Fund is distributed to schools in consultation with the Langley Teachers’ Association (LTA) and CUPE 1260. The LTA, via staff reps or a staff committee, meets at the school level with the principal and vice-principal to address learning improvement issues. Then these recommendations are forwarded  to the Superintendent who meets with the LTA President to discuss allocations to schools. CUPE 1260 executive members meet with the Human Resources and Learning Support Services staff to discuss the allocation of support staff funds.

Superintendent’s Information Report: District Literacy Plan: 2015/2016 Review

Reg_District Literacy Plan 2015.16 Review_2016Jun21_page1Instructional Services Coordinator Lynie Tener and Literacy Outreach Coordiantor Kailey Erickson provided an update on Community Literacy initiatives, including those within the District. Both Ms Tener and Ms Erickson are a part of the Langley Literacy Network with works in partnership with a number of community stakeholders to support literacy.