Board News: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 28, 2015

DW Poppy Secondary Drama Production of ‘Guys and Dolls’

DWP_guysanddollsThe DW Poppy Musical Theatre Academy launches next year and everyone is very excited about that, said Principal Balan Moorthy. This year’s production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ shows just how passionate the DW Poppy community is about the arts and musical theatre in particular. The show runs March 4th – 7th and tickets are available at or at the door. Adults $12, students/seniors $10.

Langley Secondary Musical Theatre Group Presents ‘Shrek’

LSS_ShrekForty-seven students are involved in the LSS production of ‘Shrek’, including a few from HD Stafford Middle School. Some of the music is different from what you hear in the movie version but the humour is certainly there if the preview is any indication! Shrek runs February 27, 28 and March 5, 6 & 7. To reserve tickets call 604-534-4171 Ext # 743 or purchase online at

WGSS Showcases ‘Gator Aid’ and Jr Cross-country Champions

The track and cross-country team at WGSS practices four days a week, including Saturdays, says coach Don Sparks, as he invited Trustees to “come out one morning”. The team that hasn’t lost a race in all of its 22nd season is a close knit group that trains together and supports each other. Coach Sparks checks the grades of team members at the end of each semester and is happy to report that all but 2 of the 52 person roster were on the Honour Roll. He believes that the discipline on the team transfers from the sport to the classroom. And, according to one of the team members, “…being on a team helps us in all aspects”.

The Gator Aid progam at WGSS helps those students that are struggling in grades 8-10 by adjusting expectations and timelines to allow them to be more successful. The students study 4 core subjects – math, English, science and social studies – at a slightly slower pace and with more one-on-one attention allowing them to grasp concepts more solidly before moving on. A dedicated group of teachers and SEAs at WGSS has been put together, a ‘dream team’, dedicated to helping these kids succeed. Ms McKay, Ms Walker, Ms Taks and Ms Keyworth collaborate extensively to provide an environment of support and caring as well as motivation for the students in the program.

Superintendent’s Report on Achievement

Regular_Action_Sups Report on Achievement_ 2014Dec16_page1Superintendent Suzanne Hoffman said that teaching secondary math is more than ‘math facts’ these days and that secondary math can be a barrier to completion of school. She went on to say that “we have work to do but we are confident we can improve the results in the district” and by targeting the students that are struggling, particularly in grade 10 math, we can improve completion rates.

District Calendar 2016-2017

sr_regular attachment_ proposed district calendar 2016-17 2015jan27_page1The Board of Education has passed a motion to begin the consultation process for the 2016-2017 District Calendar. The 2016-2017 District Calendar aligns with other local school districts’ spring and winter breaks. Some instructional days, pro-d days for example, may change and can do so at the local level. To provide feedback on the 2016-2017 District calendar you may send an email to

Long Term Facilities Plan Update Report

Reg_Long Term Facilities Plan Update_2015Jan27_page1Superintendent Suzanne Hoffman provided the Board an update on the community consultation process for the Long Term Facilities Plan. Including a timeline of events to date and feedback  and suggestions that have been gathered from the district community. Click here to view the entire presentation. For more information on the Long Term Facilities Plan, click here.

Secretary Treasurer’s Report: Financial Update

Financial Update for Board Jan 2015_page1“Being in a defecit position at this point of the fiscal year is to be expected”, according to Secretary Treasurer David Green, due to the timing of Ministry of Education funding – it comes later in the year. There is a favourable variance of $.473 million for the end of December 2014 over that of December 2013, due, in part, to the consequences of the teacher strike.