Board News: January 26, 2021

January 25, 2021


The Regular Meeting of the Langley Board of Education begins at 7:00 PM on January 26, 2021.

Superintendent’s Reports 

Youth Engagement Initiatives 

Assistant Superintendent Mal Gill opened the presentation by talking about a community tragedy which made the District recognize the need for more youth engagement. He says the death of student in 2019prompted the District to connect and work with the Langley RCMP on a strategy. Gill introduced a special guest, Langley RCMP Cpl. Craig Van Herk, to speak on the work that has been done over the last year and a half. 

Cpl. Craig Van Herk talked about how the incident on August 7, 2019 impacted the RCMP and community greatly. He explained how senior leadership of the RCMP and District (including former District Principal of Student Support Services, Renge Bailie) worked together to brainstorm; as both agencies were in agreement that more youth engagement work was needed. He said one of the focuses was a collective action to ensure youth felt that they belonged and that a creation of community of care was established. As part of the journey, the District and RCMP worked together to organize meetings with community partners, a youth forum with students, and other activities. 

Mal Gill outlined themes which included a connection to adults, access to resources, mental health and substance use, and school supports. He then introduced Iha Hayer, District Vice Principal of Enhanced Student Services, to speak on her role and work being done to serve vulnerable youth and families in our District. 

Iha Hayer has stepped into work on the youth engagement project. She explained her work with community partnersShe said youth have identified the following needs: access to resources, open communication – an “open door policy” for resources and supports, and accessible transportation. She mentioned some local projects that are currently in the works. She ended with providing an overview of the Foundry which is being developed in Langley. As she explained, the Foundry is a one stop shop of multiple services, with navigators and connectors to fill in gaps and support youth. 

Magdy GhobrialDistrict Principal for Wellness and Diversity, spoke about work being done in schools to engage youthHe explained hubs for early learners set up at four locations, the focus on social emotional learning throughout the K-12 system, and trauma-informed practice. He went over some structures in place to ensure students are supported. He provided a preview of Diversity and Respect Week and expressed the hope that these activities would last all year long. He closed his presentation on the next step in reconnecting with youth again as was done with the youth forum last fall.  

The Board approves the report as presented. The video above will begin on this agenda item. 

Literacy Results 

Assistant Superintendent Woody Bradford provided an update on Literacy in grades K-12. He opened explaining the District’s goal, for students to be reading at grade level or to their Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Annual Instructional Plan (AIP). Bradford outlined the structures in place that help support literacy improvements. He mentioned the importance of making reading a joyful experience. He outlined, actions in place including common assessments, essential skills, quality instruction, instructional leadership, and system support. He listed some literacy resources in the system.   

Bradford introduced Principal of Lynn Fripps Elementary, Kim Anderson to share her school’s literacy journey. Anderson talked about the cultural diversity and the input from families which helped guide their journey. She explained, the three main themes for her school and staff were being collaborative, intentional, and responsiveShe said, all staff, including ELL staff, learning commons staff, and support staff worked collaboratively with the parent community. Staff determined skills that needed to be focused on and were intentional in their strategiesStaff development common language, resources, and strategies of developing common language, and resourcesShe outlined how staff were responsive; taking the time to look at data and then respond based on those outcomes. She closed with some success stories at her school. 

Marcello Moino, Langley Secondary School principal, shared his school’s literacy journey. Moino talked about how literacy at the secondary level is about access, opportunity, and equity. He explained the structures in place including a literacy team, time for staff to introduce topics, literacy assessment credentialing for staff, and a literacy 10 assessment. He mentioned the importance of reviewing data, such as data from the grade 10 literacy assessment to help improve literacy. 

Director of Instruction, Dawne Tomlinson, closed the presentation, outlining overall next steps to attain literacy goalsAs she mentioned, the District will look at primary reading results and data collected at the end of the year to determine interventions needed to provide more support at schools.  

The Board approves the report as presented. The video above will begin on this agenda item. 

Secretary-Treasurer’s Reports 

Capital Projects Update 2021-2022 

Secretary-Treasurer Brian Iseli provided an update on capital projects around the District. He gave an overview of capital funding project agreements and outlined budgets for Langley Secondary, Southwest Yorkson Elementary (now named Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary), and Shortreed Seismic project.  

The Board approves the report as presented. The video above will begin on this agenda item. 

Annual Review of Trustee Remuneration 

That the Board of Education approve the increase of 0.7% effective January 26, 2021 based on the 12 month change in Canada Consumer Price Index (CPI) in accordance with board Policy #7 Section 11 and to update the salaries in Policy #7 section 11.1 with the new salaries.  

The Board approved the above motion. The video above will begin on this agenda item. 

Annual Review of Fees 

Recommendation: That the Board of Education approves the Langley Secondary School Soccer Academy for September 2021, as presented. Recommendation: That the Board of Education approves the Langley Secondary School Soccer Academy fee of $500 for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Recommendation: That the Board of Education approves the fees for Specialty Academies for the 2021-22 school year, as presented. 

Recommendation: That the Board of Education approves the fee structure for the International Baccalaureate Program at RE Mountain Secondary for the 2021-22 school year, as presented. 

The Board approved all of the above motions. The video above will begin on this agenda item. 

New Business 

Trustee Comments