ACSS Hairdressing Program at Douglas Park Crazy Hair Day

January 12, 2016

Students of the District Hairdressing course at ACSS visited Douglas Park Elementary recently to help take their ‘Crazy Hair Day’ to the next level. Originally just a couple of students from Douglas Park visited ACSS and the hairdressing program to get some ideas and talk to the students there but that visit sparked an offer from ACSS teacher Peggy Wickendon to bring the whole class over to Douglas Park to help out. Douglas Park Principal Esther Schmit sent home permission forms so that no parents would be surprised if their child returned home with glitter and hair that stuck out in all directions while ACSS Principal John Pusic arranged for transport. Unfortunately ‘bus trouble’ delayed the hairdressing students but once they arrived, there was great excitement as the elementary students eagerly awaited their turn for a ‘makeover’. The young students often looked serious and sombre while getting their new styles but the reactions of ‘cool!’ and ‘check out my hair, it’s awesome!’ upon completion brought many of the secondary students to laughter. Overall the event was enjoyed by the secondary students of ACSS who exhibited patience and a genuine care in tending to their little clients as well as the students of Douglas Park that were excited and pleased with the result of their ‘crazy hair’ makeovers.