Accessibility Plan 2023-2026

September 13, 2023

In June 2021, the Government of British Columbia passed the Accessible British Columbia Act which aimed to provide a framework to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility. As a result, public sector organizations, including school districts, are required to create an accessibility committee, an accessibility plan, and a mechanism with which to receive public feedback by September 2023.

The Langley School District is committed to fostering a learning and working environment that supports all students and staff and provides opportunities for everyone in our school community.

In compliance with this act, the District has taken the necessary steps to meet the province’s new requirements, which will be explained in the Accessibility Plan 2023-2026.

We are pleased to share this plan with all students, staff, and families. A PDF version of it can be viewed by clicking the cover at left or the web version can be viewed here.

How to Provide Feedback

Early consultation has made the District aware that its website is not yet accessible for many people. An important portion of the Accessibility Plan is to make the District website accessible for more people.

The public can give feedback on this plan and identify barriers in the following ways:

The District is continuing to make the feedback form more accessible. Updates and information regarding that process will come at a future date.