Access in Action at School Board Office

June 1, 2023

Maneuvering sport wheelchairs through a course of orange cones; watching demos of the accessibility technology that’s used to enhance learning opportunities in District schools; and experiencing what it’s like to walk as a visually impaired person were just some of the opportunities provided to School Board Office staff this week.

To celebrate National AccessAbility Week, District Learning Support Services Staff hosted Access in Action at the school board office, which was an opportunity to demonstrate how staff use tools, equipment and technology to make learning more accessible for students.

Learning Support Services staff, as well as staff from Special Education Technology BC (SET-BC), had booths set up to showcase technology that included computers that can be operated not with a mouse or keystrokes but instead by a user’s eyes or head tilt, and small remote-operated devices that, when equipped with a pen or marker, can draw with, as directed by someone using just their fingertips.

District physiotherapists also provided staff the opportunity to test their agility while pushing sport wheelchairs – which differ from a standard wheelchair in that the wheelbase is much wider – through course, all while trying to keep foam noodles between their knees as a way to illustrate the accessibility challenges that some people face.

“We are grateful to our Learning Support Services staff for taking the time and initiative to demonstrate to others the importance of the work they do every day in our District, while also celebrating the achievements of our students with diverse abilities,” said Michael Morgan, director of Learning Support Services.

As part of National AccessAbility Week, the District is also highlighting the work of some of our Learning Support Services staff and talking with them about their roles. Click here to read more.

For more on Access in Action, see the photo gallery and video below: