Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Signed

October 10, 2015

Hereditary Kwantlen Chief Marilyn Gabriel, shown at right with her sisters, Cheryl Gabriel, who hosted and MC’d the signing event October 8th at the Kwantlen Cultural Centre, and Donna Robins, District Teacher in the Aboriginal Program. The signing of the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement is the culmination of incredible effort and cooperation between District staff and members of our local Aboriginal community over the last year. The event itself included a traditional opening with drumming and singing followed by the ‘Calling of Witnesses’ which consisted of various guests being asked to participate on behalf of all those gathered. Traditionally witnesses would then be responsible for ‘documenting’ what they saw and heard so that they could convey information back to their own communities. Signers of the agreement were led into the main area by a procession of drummers and singers just before lunch was served. After the formal signing of the document, a few witnesses were chosen to address the group and Chief Marilyn Gabriel thanked those that attended and participated. The event was a combination of solemn ceremony and fun celebration of the relationships between the District and the local Aboriginal community. To read more about the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement visit Board News from September 29th or read the media release. The Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement is available online.