A Piece to a Puzzle: Reflections from District Custodians

October 14, 2020

The education system has evolved since March and the changes continue to happen. Around the District, new health and safety procedures and protocols have been met in order to bring our students and staff back into the classroom, and a big part of that was cleaning and sanitizing.

To meet the growing need and maintain clean, healthy, and safe schools, so far, the District has hired 13 custodians, and added additional casual custodial staff, with plans to bring in more.

For the staff who have worked in the District for years, they have had to adapt as well.

“There’s a lot more surface cleaning,” says Custodial Foreman, Elva Morrison. “A lot more things being done. We have new equipment, portable sinks, we had to go and deliver those.”

In addition to the new equipment, such as the sinks in portables, and the biomisters at all school sites, custodians have had to undergo new training to adhere to the new standards.

These standards see custodians cleaning more surfaces regularly and working around the different schedules of classes in the school.

“There’s a lot more repetition,” says long-time custodian at Nicomekl Elementary, Larry Warren. “And you’re interacting a lot more in the classroom, because there’s things that need to be done, if there’s a spill or somebody had an accident.”

But despite the change of their jobs, District custodians have met the challenge with a strong sense of comradery.

“Everybody’s in this together,” Morrison says. “I think we’re stronger right now, just because we’ve all pulled together.”

“Well, I feel like I’m a piece to a puzzle,” says Warren. “I feel like everybody is contributing in a way that they are doing. Everybody’s had to adjust. Everybody has pulled together.”

“I have a good relationship with the kids. I have built a good relationship with everybody – staff. I’m outgoing that way. I think that’s important,” adds Warren.

So, next time you see your school’s custodian, be sure to give them a big thank you. Along with the efforts of the rest of their school teams, they ensure that our school sites are clean, healthy, and safe environments for both our students and our staff.

To learn more about joining our custodial department and being a ‘piece to a puzzle’ visit our job postings here.