A Party to Remember at Lynn Fripps Elementary

October 2, 2019

Smiling faces, presents, and cake! Three things you’d typically see at a kids’ party. But this event was a little different and in a good way.

On Tuesday, a grade one class at Lynn Fripps Elementary celebrated one of their own. It wasn’t a birthday party but it might as well have been. The class threw a party for their classmate Luke who was celebrating being cancer-free!

“Luke was diagnosed with cancer when he was three years old and spent the last three years of his life going through many treatments,” said teacher Ms. Gillion in a letter to families.

In the letter, she explained the reason for the party and how Luke was a selfless and caring individual.

“Luke spent a great deal of time at the BC Children’s Hospital. Spending so much time there, and knowing how much they helped him, made Luke want to give back to both the hospital, and to the other children having to receive treatments there. When Luke had his fifth birthday party, he asked for gifts that could be donated to BC Children’s Hospital, and he spread so much love and joy to others in doing so.”

Ms. Gillion was inspired by Luke and with the support from students, she planned a party which had a charitable element to it. To honour and celebrate Luke being cancer-free, she organized a toy-drive with items to be donated to the oncology ward “where children get to choose an item on their hospital days.”

Students supported by their families stepped up and brought all sorts of presents including books, stuffed animals, and action figures.

It was a proud moment for Kim Anderson, Principal of Lynn Fripps Elementary.

“Lynn Fripps is an amazing community to be a part of. We have committed to providing students with opportunities through the lens of curiosity, joy, and connection, and it is so heartwarming to see this lived out in the actions of our staff, students, and families,” said Anderson.

“One of the great things about being a part of a school and classroom family, is that we have the opportunity to be there for one another and to share in each other’s hard times as well as in our joyful moments and accomplishments,” added Gillion.

Like most kids’ parties, cake was served and photos were taken.

The gifts will be delivered to the hospital by Luke and his family.