A Beljam’s Waffles breakfast at Langley Meadows

October 23, 2017

Students lined up to the door of the library, waiting to get their hands on a waffle smattered with whipping cream and fruit. Some of them going in for seconds.

The waffles were served by Beljam’s Waffles, a local Food Truck vendor. Erin and Joanne of the Langley Meadows Community Association, are the regular organizers of the Langley Meadows Elementary Breakfast Club program, feeding kids before school begins. This is the second year they brought in the food truck to serve students. The results were delicious. They served over 150 waffles to kids. In addition to the Breakfast Club kids, grades 4 and 5 students were rewarded with the waffle breakfast as a thanks for all their help around the school during the year.

Beljam’s Waffles is owned by Nathen and Sophena Shandler. As the food truck season ends, rather than throwing away their ingredients, the couple instead comes out to the school to provide freshly baked, Belgian waffles to students. They joyfully support the Breakfast Club of Canada program, spending several hours outside the school preparing waffles for the early morning breakfast club kids.