11th annual Speechfest finals 2018

May 1, 2018

It’s been another great year of speeches in Langley. Congratulations to all participants! Your effort and hard work were well received. The judges sure had a difficult time this year making their decisions. Here are the district finalist, as well as the winners of this year’s Speechfest.

Grades 1-3

First Place: Franmarie, RC Garnett — Three Ways to Lose a Tooth

Second Place: Rylan, Richard Bulpit — Progression of Technology

Third Place: Jovin, Langley Meadows — Reasons Why I Play Sports

Runners Up:

Avery, Alex Hope — Why Not To Have a Pet Racoon

Caroline, LFES — Ordinary Superheroes

Laurelai, Parkside — If I was a Tree

Mia, Wix Borwn — Being Adopted

Sawyer, Uplands — The Narwhale

Talon, Douglas Park — Winston


Grades 4-5

First Place: Jennifer, RC Garnett — Feeling Gratitude

Second Place: Josh, Gordon Greenwood — The Schmidt Sting Pain Index

Third Place: Chloe, Langley Meadows — Women in STEM

Runners Up:

Aaron, Uplands — Dirt Bikes

Callum, Douglas Park — My Baby Sitter

Cassandra, RC Garnett — Fear of Public Speaking

Joey, LFES — Imagination

Mary, Shortreed — Tigers

Montana, Peterson Road — If I was in Charge of the World


Grades 6-8

First Place: Sheetle, Glenwood — Feminism

Second Place: Tanner, Peterson Road — Cell Phone Addiction

Third Place: Ellie, YCMS — Zombie Apocalypse

Runners Up:

Bella, LFMSS — Success is a Journey, Not a Destination

Callie, Gordon Greenwood — Why Women Should Be Paid the Same as Men

Hannah, HDSMS — Being a Mixed Child

Nange, YCMS — Identity

Ethan, Noel Booth — Family Dynamics